Thursday, 21 January 2010

Hard Work

Well after the turmoil of getting Cirque du Soleil’s latest show Varekai into the Royal Albert Hall (with a giant shoe horn!), I thought it would be my turn to have a belated Christmas and put my feet up with some day-time TV – but NO – the madness continues……. Overlooking all the minor dramas that have kept me busy ever since, on Sunday they hosted a lovely “Going Away Party” for three of their colleagues who are leaving the show after 8, 5 and 3 years apiece. Lots of yummy picnic food and 3 cakes (hurled together) at speed from myself.

When customers call and ask how much notice you would like, dependant on how your booking calendar looks -you ask for a lot for a wedding cake, less for a celebration cake but 36 hours for 3 cakes is pushing it. Luckily I had the wonderful help on hand of Michelle, one of Eat To The Beats (crew catering company) finest kitchen managers and she whipped together 3 beautiful Nutella cakes and so I just had to decorate. God Bless her.

Isabel is Cirque’s, Kitchen Manager and she loves to camp – everyone instantly recognized her from the cap – which she rarely takes of her head, well only really to swap it for her kitchen cap actually. Frank is the IS manager and a very cool dude! – Snow boarding is his thing and the beautiful Chantal runs Press and PR on tour and she loves martini cocktails. Bit rushed but I was pleased with the results – my faces are much better post Lorraine McKay’s Faces Workshop and my speed has definately improved, making me hopefully more commercial.

Practice, practice, practice (and save your heads in a box cause you never know when you may need to pull them out in an emergency)


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