Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Lindy Smith Handbag Workshop – Friday 25th June 2010

Ashton Clinton is surprisingly accessible and took less than 90mins from South London - a great workshop venue in a cool church hall with a lovely kitchen and lounge for those all important packed lunches.

This was the first time Lindy had run this particular course but there were no glitches or time constraints and we all completed our bag cakes even the two complete beginners by 4pm so that we missed the nasty traffic going home.

Grand tips on how to bake, carve and fill a firm Madera or choc cake, this alone was worth the trip.  We then went on to cover the cake and add all the fantastic detail that gives your work it’s individuality and zing.  But again there are lots of clever tips and hints at each stage – my top tip would be to take a notebook and pen to jot them down and do wee sketches as you go alone, there is just so much that you learn from Lindy and all the other students.

A top day out with a handbag – cake yoga at it’s best!


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