Thursday, 31 December 2009

Episode 2 in the ever exciting world of Jac

After a lush 29 hour shift from Christmas Eve into Christmas Day, prepping the Royal Albert Hall ready for the invasion of Cirque du Soleil. And being the nice person that I am, I cooked my crew of 43 dinner at 03.00 in the morning as their shift started at 22.00 and then a full English fried breakfast for 22 at 09.00 on Christmas morning complete with crackers and party hats! – funny because by that time we were so weary and filthy dirty from building the floor that with clean hands it looked as though we all wore gloves for breakfast!

Knowing I would not finish until around 13.00 on Christmas Day and would be far too tired to make intelligent chit chat (or any conversation that involved whole sentences) I declined all my friend invitations. So I had bought a yummy crispy duck with pancakes and I had baked a nice mini Christmas cake just for one for me to enjoy on Christmas evening – coated in marzipan (thick!) with a wee chocolate Santa on top. But having made so many cakes and pudding this Christmas not to mention over 300 ginger bread hearts I just could not face it, in fact I may never eat ginger bread again and my kitchen still has an air of cinnamon and ginger around it. But I was even to tired to be bothered to put the oven on for the duck – so great baker that I am, my Christmas dinner was peanut butter and jam sandwich and a Curly Wurly!

Am still planning my Cirque first night cakes – leaning towards a cookie (but not ginger bread!) with the blue and yellow big top design in run out – but there are 200 to be made so perhaps I will do a template and just cut sugar paste.

Will post some pictures after the 5th of Jan when we premier. Happy New Year one and all and remember (in my best Bruce Forsyth voice) Keep Baking!


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