Sunday, 20 December 2009

My First Blog

Well here goes, my first EVER blog - I have not even been brave enough to reply to anybody else even though some of the work I have seen out there has been astounding... but now thanks to Web-Guru (my father) I am all set up and running.

Running being the operative word as I am spending my FAKE christmas in The Netherland where my whole family have transplanted themselves from Scotland - but more of this later.....

And as to my FAKE Christmas - well I work over Christmas and New Year so can't get home for stockings and eggnog so my family arrange for the whole sheebang to happen but two weeks ahead of schedule - when I can fly across from London to The Netherlands and do all things festive!

Boy did I need it - after 3 Christmas Fairs - my first to guage public reaction to some of my bakery and decorating skills and I did not bad. For the first two I made a small profit and the 3rd rocked my world as I made a large profit and have am amazing contact in Patrick who runs Romeo Jones - a delighful deli and coffee room in Dulwich Village


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