Monday, 14 May 2012

Cake London Exhibition

OMG it has taken me this long to catch my breath after the Cake London Exhibition 2012, at Excel
Had a wonderful weekend, great venue with lots of facilities and local to me - bliss.

Bernard the Owl rocked the display class and won GOLD (And some prize money – a first for me)
He was much admired so I hope you all enjoy him.

His breast feathers were painted individually and his back view was coloured with 9 different coloured (none of which were brown!) dusts in a variety of 6 different patterns – he was a bit of a labour of love but I had seen some gerberas in a flowers shop that sat side by side and they looked just like owl eyes to me and so Bernard was born (Barny to his friends)

The second and more exhausting part of the weekend was the PME live competition.
Our heat was on Sat and we all -Jo Haines, Ceri Griffiths and myself, acquitted ourselves well.

The time of 3 and a half hours was very tight and we did not quite finish but our magical seasons colour cake looked excellent when presented
We thought we were going large at 33 inches but we paled next to 2 of the other entries.

Here are our original drawing and this is the finished article.


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