Monday, 25 July 2011

Music and Cakes

And so here we are knee deep in the biggest classical music concert series in the world – The BBC Proms 2011 and all I can think about is SUGAR.

Surrounded by world class orchestras, soloist and conductors and the most amazing music and all I want to do is practice with my airbrush and model faces…….. Could I be in the wrong profession??  Answers on a postcard please! Or even better – the magic lottery numbers so that I can make my dreams come true

Having overcome the twin hurdles of the Battleship Wedding Cake and
White Chocolate Cricket Pavilion Wedding Cake (thank you for all those who offered advice and helpful suggestions) my summer was looking more manageable.  I can only take cake commissions when it will fit in with work – ok big fib, normally just work late/early/through the night to get my creations finished and looking hot.

Now I look forward to a Tinker Bell cake and then – YIPPEE - my trip to the great ICES cake exhibition this year held in Charlotte, North Carolina
(was hoping for Vegas but a girl can dream)

I promise to take lots of picture and post all the good bits, the list of demonstrations and workshops takes my breath away.

Fun and frolics in foreign world of cake.

Keep up the palate knives

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